Wednesday, October 21, 2009

29 weeks -- 11 to go!

Getting bigger!

Lil P got the most adorable gift from Nico! Thanks, Nico and Nani. Can't wait to see you outside of your beautiful Momma's belly. XOXO! By the way, Nico, Lil P LOVES your rockin' nursery.
Well, well, well, this momma has been busy. I must apologize for the tardiness of this week's post.
This week has brought/is bringing with it some very exciting pregnancy-related things. First, we started our Bradley Method courses last night and we LOVE them. We've only been through one class (7 more to go) and we've already learned so much. Plus, the other couples in the class with us are awesome! I highly suggest Bradley Method courses to any future mommas.
We talked a lot about nutrition in our class last night and the need for LOTS (100 grams/day!) of protein. I realized I probably wasn't getting enough protein in my diet and figured a good way to fix that would be to track it publically. Hence, I will now be tracking my daily protein intake daily on this blog. Thrilling? No. Good for me and baby? Yes.
This Saturday we are getting maternity photos done and I could not be more excited and nervous. I really don't like getting my pictures taken. Yes, I'll admit, I'm a bit self-concious when it comes to standing in front of a camera lens. I seriously have Jake take at least 6-10 bump shots a week before I finally get one I like. I'm hoping this session will help me to come out of my shell and break free of my irrational fear.

And, finally, we have made even more progress on the nursery. The crib is put together and I adore it. Things are really starting to happen!


  1. You got it!!!! Yay!!! I am glad you liked it :) saw it and I HAD to get it for you!

    You look amazing! Your belly looks all pointy like mine... maybe a boy is on the way?



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