Sunday, July 19, 2009

Healthy Pregnancy

During the first trimester of the pregnancy I was not very good at keeping myself as healthy as I should've been. The all day sickness and constant tiredness left me unmotivated. I ate mostly comfort foods, slept a lot, and hardly ever exercised-- SHAME ON ME! Once the second trimester hit, it was a whole new world; I wasn't sick anymore, I had energy, and I've slowly started to return to living a more healthy life. I started cooking healthy meals, walking regularly, and drinking lots of water. I'm still not to where I would like to be. I'm starting to take prenatal water aerobics classes, I downloaded a prenatal yoga class from, and I've started preparing meals full of protein and other nutrients essential for the development of a healthy baby.

We recently signed up for childbirth classes. We've decided to go with the Bradley Method and have chosen a highly recommended instructor, Amy, from Before and After the Birth in Des Moines, Iowa. Amy's website is full of tips for a healthy pregnancy--I can't wait to see what she offers us in the classes.

I know how incredibly important it is that I live as healthy of life as possible for Li'l P. I'm hoping to chronicle some of the things I'm doing to stay healthy and keep this little one healthy and happy too.

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